When Judges say that, law is very clear with “consent and coercien” in rape accusation cases;

When Judges says that, “there is no need to apply principle of strict proof and evidence” in family matters, domestic violence cases;

When Judges incline to judge and tilt a case in favour of woman based on theories and prejudices systematically created by academia against
a. Male Domination,
b. Power,
c. Position,
d. Historical Vulnerability,
e. Historical Subjugation,
You can be sure:
1. That Judges are clearly turbid hand in glove with fake accuser
2. That Judges have understood the whole Truth about the case and
3. If Judges further test the accuser and accused based on principles of “Truth Only Triumps”, strict proof and evidence, she will definitely fail and the fake accuser would lose the case in real sense and then
4. The only escape route for Judges, Society, Democracy, Media and Fake Accuser is to “Hide Behind Patriarchy” and “Blame It On Patriarchy” which can rescue all of them against the “Perjury” and “Abuse Of Law” which they all must have Jointly committed.

SuicidePreventionLessons For married men: If wife is living in adultery, husband need not comit suicide. Supreme Court Judges have given wives this Legal License to do so. Present day law of country doesn’t have scope for Faithful co-habitation. Let Supreme Court judges, advocates, legislatures face same situations in their life, till then things won’t change.
Liberty is only reserved for Wife and her Paramore not for lawfully wedded husband. Body and mind of legal husband is tied strongly with assassin’s weapon like laws for maintanance, domestic violence, IPC498, marital rape, etc. There is no constitutional scope or remedy for man’s liberation in India today.

“Etched On Our Minds”
1. Once Upon A Time some communities were labled as born criminals and then Criminal Tribes Act was drafted. Till today these communities are fighting against stigma of being labelled as born criminals. Now a days systematically the Nation is being trained to see all men as Potential Rapist, Potential Dowry Harasser, Potential Domestic Abuser, etc. Gradually Being Man will become a atigma. Even innocent musculinity will be criminalised. It will take generations for Men to come out of this Stigma Of BeingMen who have also played roles of Being Father, Being Son, Being Brother, Being Uncle, etc.

Today academia, NGO, media, legislature, judiciary, police, etc. in nexus have created the atmosphere such that, Media Trial is enough to Kill Men!
Public outrage is enough to Kill Men! No Chargesheet, No Trial, No Human Rights  to accused Men in India Today. Mob Lynching, Police Lynching, Jaya Bachhan Lynching Men in India Today.

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