Justice For Harsh And Madhav : How A Dispute Over Parking Turned Horrific

I logged into twitter, scrolled through the popular hashtags; what caught my attention were: #justiceforharsh and #justiceformadhav.

As I started reading through the tweets, I realized gross damage was done by a girl, just because she couldn’t regulate her ego, over a parking dispute outside the campus of Amity University, Noida.

According to reports, Harsh Yadav was looking to park his car outside the university campus, when a female student parked her SUV in the middle of the road and on being asked to move, eventually started an argument, and later Harsh left for his class. This didn’t stop here. The girl informed her friends and then a gang of around 25 came and thrashed Harsh within the university campus. Madhav, a friend of Harsh tried to intervene and was also beaten up.

Latest reports say that an FIR has been filed against four main accused, who came hitting both Harsh and Madhav.

Irony took a twist when the complainants learned that the girl already filed a fir against the victims on charges of molestation.

As per reports, Madhav and Harsh are in critical condition in the hospital. Madhav is in the ICU due to internal bleeding. My heart goes for the parents of the boys, who are now praying somewhere for the speedy recovery of their sons.

The entire case is under investigation now.

Here, is the link to the video by a witness.

Demanding justice for the two boys Harsh and Madhav, netizens have taken to social media seeking the arrest of the girl who created this incident.

Misuse of law is the new low

The other side of the story is that a section of girls is misusing the same laws, which were made to protect women. With the very distortion of incidents and giving it the name of molestation, they are not just making a joke of the judiciary but also creating a false cry and making it difficult for the victims of abuse.

It is the need of hours to stand against such manipulations. If we don’t raise our voice on this now, tomorrow we cannot determine whom to believe or not. And worse, is that there will be more victims who will be portrayed as criminals. Currently, several instances are coming to light and indeed this case highlights the same concern.

Wrapping up

As a feminist, I would raise my voice and concern for my mothers, sisters, and daughters; so also for the innocent men who are being framed with fabricated stories of molestation and sexual abuse. And I am sure others will do the same. When we strive towards the safety of girls and women, so also must-do for the boys and men.

It’s time ripe, that every section of the society must become aware of this emerging and dangerous trend of fake accusations and false cases against innocent men. Tomorrow it can be you or any of your relatives. Just ponder.

Signing out with the hope that the boys recover sooner and justice is served.

Article by Rajashree Das Purkayastha.

 Reference: https://www.hindustantimes.com/cities/varsity-students-booked-for-fight-over-parking-in-sector-125/story-orLiEPGvoHWl7dPzqZkDZL.html