Malendar – A calendar for men

In India, you find almost every corporate house celebrating women’s day & mothers day etc. They conveniently seem to forget Men’s day, Fathers Day, Boy’s day etc. Even the calendar manufacturers forget to mention these days in their publications.


Last year I tried to push calendar makers to print days related to men in their calendars and companies to celebrate these days. I have been partially successful this year. Many corporate acknowledged father’s day. But still the impact is much less than desirable. So I thought of marking the important days related to men on this blog. You can bookmark this page as I plan to update this page with upcoming event related to men and any important days that come up.


At present I have just put in the months and the days that men need to watch for. I will try to get these days implemented in calendars so that men do not forget these days, they can use to be assertive about equality.


I have also made a pdf calendar with beautiful images that can be downloaded and printed for keeping at your home/office desk.. Below this blog is the preview of the downloadable file. If you do not have pdf installed on your computer, you can download it for free from adobe site. You can also send this file to local calendar/ diary maker and ask them to incorporate the days mentioned here in their products.


Update— I have increased the resolution of the pdf file and now it can be used for printing this calendar for your personal use.

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