Useful Links

Please go through the following links to make yourself aware about the current situation of Men in society and what action you can take to empower yourself and others.

1) Website of Save Indian Family –,

2) Our Facebook link, see it, like it & share it…

3) Sign both of the following petition—

1- Roll back unconstitutional sections in Amendments to marriage laws.

2- Support Shared Parenting / Joint Custody To Bring Reforms in Outdated Law Related to Child Custody & Visitation—

4) Link for Antidote of Misandry & men disposability—

5) Website to understand laws –

6) Website for accessing judgments –

7) If your case is in Maharashtra you can check status on the web site –

8) Essential reading for men planning to get married in India. –

9) Zindagi live episode in Hindi showing suffering of 498a victims –

10) Link on what to demand from politician and decide whom to vote—

11) International website of Men’s rights –

12) Blog site with statistics proving feminist claims are false and there are more Male victims of crime than women –

13) Info on IrBM –