The journey for freedom took 6 years. The victory is not a sudden event. It took a lot of small victories as well as prime time of my life, but I finally come out as “Acquitted in 498A case”. The real treasure is the “Peace of Mind”.

Thank you (Mumbai) and the team, chapter of Save India Family. In true words, is the real hero for Saving several lives of Indian families from false cases. I am too a victim of false case. Like every husband and his family whois falsely dragged in such cases, I was pulled and jailed in 498A and 406 Of IPC as well Domestic Violence Act. I was called Dowry hungry and Domestic abuser by my wife.

I was a Banker. I had simple dreams just like every other man. Complete education, get well settled, have a small & sweet family & live a good life with wife, kids & parents. Like all the stages of life, Marriage is also a blessing stage where every man looks for a sensible partner to move ahead in life.

In April, 2010, I got married to an educated and working girl, working as ticketing officer with MNC. Every blessing come with an opportunity & after marriage, I got a job opportunity to work with ABDC Bank in Dubai location for which I was hunting for some time. In June, 2010, I traveled to Dubai for job. It brought turbulence in my life as my old parents here were always disturbed due to the ill behavior of my wife towards them. Misbehavior towards my mother, telling lies on phone, making excuses to live with her parents, threatening me of dire steps etc. To take things in my hand, I resigned from job and came back to India in Dec, 2010.

In Oct, 2011, my wife went to her parental house for 1st baby delivery and since then, she never came back. Besides, she started making false allegation and police machinery papers. After long separation of 18 months, my wife filed 489A FIR on April, 2013 to ensure me and family are thrown to jail, as well to support her Domestic Violence case which got then filed very next month May, 2010. Meanwhile, wife field Transfer petition to transfer 498A case to her nearby court where she already filed DV, as advantage for herself as me and my family present as domestic abuser and dowry seeker.

I was very surprised how habitual liar can easy pull me and my family in false trials, that feeling is like being eaten alive and you can feel the pain but you are helpless to protect yourself and family (that feeling is like indeed some loved one took a bad disadvantage of your feeling and emotion). Struggling for bail & at the same time, fighting  interim maintenance in DV, no one listened to us – neither Judicial system nor police, all were trained to be biased towards Abla Nari.

During these struggling period, I came to know about and their regular meetings, where I met Amit Deshpande, Tarique Siddique and other volunteers to understand this kind of false trials common across the nation. As they said, such wives don’t want blessing of matrimonial life, otherwise she would have approached the family & not the advocate and police. All this malpractices were to harass me and accept their unconditional terms. Initially, wife and her family played well as first they filed 498A case so that I and my family struggle for Bail & then DV case to extort money. It took me two years to understand the main intention of wife. The words of counselors & volunteers at Vaastav were correct and reliable, they gave me strength to stand-up and fight back for the dignity of my and family.

In June, 2014, my wife fraudulently obtained an interim order in her favor by submitting false affidavit as a house-wife and several other false statement before trail Court for amount of 8000/- per month from the date of application which got revised on Oct, 2015 by Session Court for the amount of 5000/- per month after looking all the circumstances. In DV case, I got the child access successfully after 3 years & I got to meet my child very first time, but my wife never wanted to develop father & child relation during child access & so to revoke the access, she started making excuses and making disturbance in access. She stopped the visitation without reasons & I filed contempt of court for child access and got visitation orders on May, 2016.

Meanwhile, wife was done with her chief examination of evidence in DV case at trial court on May, 2015. I had filed a private criminal case on account of perjury committed in DV case as wife was sole-proprietor of a firm and withdrawing handsome income with all materialized evidence. My application of perjury was kept for final order on Jan, 2017 which is still pending, last 14 months waiting for the order. In the meanwhile, greedy wife filed two time NBW for due amount which was actually no due on me.

On the other side, I was preparing my side of evidence through RTI for 498A trails and was about to file criminal case against wife and her family for several cognizable offences. My wife and her family got to know by the advocates about my next step. As a result, they stopped coming to court and trying to skip the chief examination for 498a in the last 4.5 years. My wife tried to harass us by making separate application to add 406 of IPC in present FIR for her stri-dhan. The trial Court after going though FIR and application, which was not at all maintainable, & as a result dismissed the application. The same order was challenged by wife in sessions court.

As tactics to delay the chief examination in trial court by asking stay in order, they thought that their trick would work but it did not. In Feb, 2018, in chief examination, it was admitted that there was NO demand or harassment for Dowry or any other articles and me and my family members got Acquittal from 498A from Trail court 9th Feb, 2018.

Wife knows that there is no future harassment tool left with her as no more 498A case as well as the crime she had committed on account of PERJURY order was hanging on her head. To keep herself safe from punishment of trial court, she agreed to settle all the dispute at ZERO amount (which started with 20 lacs and a flat at Mumbai). Wife surrendered and withdrew her DV case.

I don’t believe in taking revenge & I forgave her and withdrew my perjury case too.

For the last 5 years, I am a regular member of Understanding the law and acts made me more confident to change myself from a victim to a fighter. Now a days, wife talks about KARMA but does not realize that her that or some money and worldly facilities, her greed ruined so many lives. How can KARMA forgive her? As the time changes, Karma will come in-front of humans to realize and calculate the past done with others.

I am Aziz Khan, a law abiding person, not a domestic abuser or a dowry hungry person.

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