FEAR : Face Everything And Run
FEAR : Fight Everything And Rise

   I had always been a fun loving happy go person throughout my life becoming a Dentist by profession with great successful life which every person wants from their life. Life was going smooth and great till the time my marriage was fixed with Dentist girl by profession from other state.

    Like any other normal person i had simple expectations of my partner to be good, respectful and professional as a dentist in my married life. I wanted to have kids raise them, happy life love my family parents , and everyone. But life doesn’t gives you what you want instead it hidden something worst for me.

       I got married to my wife in 2012 and since then the hidden worst things of me was sent in my life and all my dreams and wishes of my life were ruined and shattered within one and half month of my marriage. Behaviour of my wife and her parents was absolutely changed towards me and my family. My wife was altogether a different person within a month with no concern for me and started ill behaviour towards my parents and specifically towards me.

      My wife’s ill and abusive behaviour reached to such an extent within 3 months that it crossed all limitations and all sorts of harassment, torture, violence, threats were given to specifically me and parents by my wife and her parents till it ended. And in few months of marriage my wife and her family’s real demon faces were exposed to me. And i felt i was cheated to the core.

       Despite of my wife being dentist and working in my clinic, Every second month my wife use to go to her parents house for few days and as soon as she used to reach their she used to refuse to come back to me for months and instead she and her parents use to keep conditions that i should go there and stay there for many days and follow all their conditions. My wife and her parents use to keep conditions that whatever will happen in my house and my life should be according to her and her parents and their culture. She refused to follow our culture and she use to create nuisance and fights to me whenever i wanted to spend some time or sit with my parents for some time. She intentionally use to pick quarrels and fights on trivial issues with me specially at night so that i am unable to sleep and have harassment and disturbed. She use to fight with patients and me in my clinic which dropped my practice and my clinic was soon shattered and shut down. I always tried to convince her behave properly in clinic but she wasn’t ready. She use to fight at night and tried many times to leave home at middle of night anywhere.

     My wife parents were highly influential family in their place with high government and other contacts. I even spoke to wife’s parents also about her violent, abusive & bad behaviour. Almost every year till she was with me we called her parents for meeting to solve the problem and to make her understand as my wife wanted divorce and wanted to run away from me. Instead of making my wife understand and solve the problem her parents use to level various false allegations against me and use to threaten me to implicate me and my family in false court cases if i don’t listen to them and do the things according to my wife and her parents wish. By now, the darkness and cruelty hidden in the core of the heart and soul of my wife and her family and come out and showed their true color. They all had done all sorts of cruelty and harassment they could do on me. They also kept condition that i should leave my parents and stay away at her parental place or city and my wife left me on her own will with her parents.

      Due to the constant threatening, violent, torturous, abusive behaviour of my wife, and also my wife’s constant suicide threats left me in a situation that i was stuck/ trapped in a deep dark hole with no light of hope such that i started being depressed and ruined my life, implicated lot of fear in me and my family’s life in all aspects.

 I started to search on internet about the situation similar to me and started reading about the domestic violence and harassment faced by men and misuse of laws done by wife and her family to harass husband to gain financial advantage and vengeance if the husband refuse to bend infront of them. I found that i am facing absolutely the same thing and got connected to it.

       During this period i came to know about VAASTAV FOUNDATION- a chapter of Save Indian Family fighting for the rights of Men and against Genderbiased Laws. With a ray of hope i started to go meetings of Vaastav foundation where Counsellors were really helpful, were listening to me patiently, wanted to understand my pain and supported me mentally alot.

       I being dentist with no knowledge of laws, police, judiciary Vaastav foundation came as “SANJEEVANI BOOTI” for me. I became regular member to attend the vasstav foundation meetings & connected myself very much with the cause & other men suffering from the same pain as of mine. All my questions, dubts were handled by counsellors very nicely.

      Due to the able guidance of Vaastav foundation i was very much successful to fight my legal battles which were forced/ pushed on me by my wife and her family. My wife had put DV, 125, Divorce on me. They even tried to do other plans to harm me but i was able to tackle properly. Then i came to know about the case which we can put so i had put DV case from mother side against my wife and her whole family and due to the able guidance i got successful making all of them as party of the case.

       My wife and her parents used all their high and judiciary contacts to pressurize me scare me but this time i was a different man because i was with Vaastav foundation. My biggest challenge for me was that to go more than 1200 kms away to fight cases and court dates at opposite party place use to be short dates of 20 days to one month and they use to try to take dates differently for every case and each date use to be a big battle.

       My journey of legal battle was of 2 years but it was a fast and furious, very tough, harsh and multitasking battle for me to put pressure on opposite party & legally control the whole battle in my favour. I learned to put RTI, law points, gained legal knowledge & confidence to fight from the proper guidance of Vaastav foundation.

      Every Sunday had been a class for me where i use to learn lessons of my life, lesson to live, lesson to fight hard for yourself and your innocence, lesson to look into your own eyes in mirror and say that you can’t live in FEAR and list goes on…. at my school of Vaastav Foundation.

  This resulted in such a way that the opposite party and her whole family gave up with folded hands and not even uttered a single word & did as i kept the conditions & my all cases were finished/ withdrawn. This whole win & freedom of battle was only possible because of Vaastav Foundation.

Vaastav foundation is the only life saving drug for the all Men in distress in India as it is the only place where you will be taken seriously, no one will laugh at your sufferings.

I feel great pleasure and proud to be a part of Vaastav Foundation and family. But this fight doesn’t end here it is the only beginning, it will continue till Laws are made in favour of men or atleast Current laws have Misuse Clause and Women should be equally punished. Crime has No Gender.

I would like to say:

    “ If you do easy things life will be hard and if you do hard things life will be easy”

“Only way to remove your fear is to Face them”

“ In this life time you don’t have to prove nothing to nobody except for yourself, because if you don’t do this now then it won’t happen.”

I am not a domestic abuser or Dowry hunger. I respect human beings.

Deepak Sharma

Vaastav Foundation , get more Info.       

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