Thank you Vaastav Foundation

Thank you Vaastav Foundation,

For providing platform to come together against false cases on husbands and in-laws. The Sunday meeting is inspiring every time, for getting justice from our Judicial System even though some Acts, law solely Facilitate wife (not women) to extort money, property (more severely dignity) of Husband. At meeting the face to face interaction is useful to find way out of same common problem faced by victims of false cases. During the counseling sessions, the suggestions given in the Sunday meetings are very much like an tried and tested Advice which is helpful to know that the case is going in right direction.  Many woman victims (in-laws) also join the meeting which shows there commitment towards society to eradicate evil of false cases.

Various events at regular interval upgrades knowledge which is essential tool for fighting against false cases. One should not hesitate to come with his problem, with false cases as many other are facing the same.

Disclaimer : The contents of the blog are personal opinion and view of the writer. Vaastav Foundation does not hold any responsibility for the contents of the same. Vaastav Foundation promotes Family Harmony and Peace and believes in Equal Human Rights and is against gender discrimination and law misuse

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