Support from Vaastav helped me Fight the Biased Legal System

Dear Friends,
Well as everyone here is visiting this forum and getting tremendous help from Vaastav Foundation, I am also one such crusader, who had made a journey from being a person suddenly surrounded by cops, advocates, court, police station due to 498-A, DV AND AN ARRAY OF SECTIONS UNDER IPC FAVOURING ABLA NARI, to a person who could handle all these people and to a stage where the IO and the advocates from both party admitted before me that marriage has become a  money making racket for many. But most importantly I feel Vaastav has given tremendous support to my Parents, I have met some people who I can say are good friends, who can stand (who actually stood besides my family) when I am away from my family for work. This is what counselling at Vaastav does and to be frank at it, Vaastav members go out of the way and limits to help the people who are really in need. Being with Vaastav and guidance received, I could get stay on a very huge interim maintenance order passed from Lower court, struggle continued and the opposite party had succumbed before the cross in both 498a and DV. Divorce was Mutual, and terms as per my draft, I have paid, it was not a zero money divorce, but certainly not to their demands, an amount I felt justified in paying, hence paid.
But the best part is I am still associated with Vaastav and still meet people, hear about weird allegations and cases. But this is a fight which will continue, as the system is biased, and I personally feel its only your will power and determination/ and knowledge that will help you to fight the case.

Disclaimer : The contents of the blog are personal opinion and view of the writer. Vaastav Foundation does not hold any responsibility for the contents of the same. Vaastav Foundation promotes Family Harmony and Peace and believes in Equal Human Rights and is against gender discrimination and law misuse

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