Nosy In-Laws trying to ruin my marriage

Hi Friends,

Call me PPM. I would not like to disclose my name as of now. This is a first time I am writing a blog. I am just try to let my emotions flow.

I belong to a lower middle class farmer family. I completed B. Tech with distinction from a well known government engineering college and now working in IT industry. To start with, I did not have any relationships during my studies as I always use to think that if I’d have a girlfriend, I’d have to take her to restaurants, exchange gifts etc. And most of the times I used sleep empty stomach due to lack of money.

After getting job, I was more concerned about having good lifestyle for my parents. So no time for romantic relationships either. Being from a small town, I was bit shy to communicate with girls. I liked few girls, but could not approach them. So single always!

Once my younger sister got married, my parents started to search a bride for me. By this time, I started to earn a good salary. So even I agreed. My main criteria for bride was she should belong to a poor family as I was bit afraid of rich people and their attitude towards poor (exceptions are there). Being from Konkan, we don’t have a dowry system too. I got married to a girl, I was told she is MBA graduate with first class and working as HR in good organization. They didn’t ask me for my salary. Even I was happy too. Later after my marriage I came to know that she is attended MBA college, but could not pass in first attempt and working in a BPO as admin executive. I felt bit cheated, but I was fine with that as by the time I already started earning a handsome package.  For one year, we stayed abroad happily. We had small fights which used to dissolve within an hour or at most a  day, but not more than that. Then we shifted back to Pune, which is 3-4 hours away from my in laws place.

Things changed once we came back. 3-4 months after we returned back, me and my wife had a small fight. Such fight generally used to settle down within an hour or two, but this time it was different. My wife got a call from her dad who is a constable. She said that we had a fight and she is feeling sad. Within next few hours, my FIL, MIL and BIL reached my home and started to abuse me. I was totally shattered as this was not more than a petty fight / bedroom fight between husbund and wife, but these people took it to the very different level.

Such incident repeated twice in the span of 7-8 months and the distance between me and my wife increased. Suddenly, my mother was detected with cancer and my wife and my in laws helped me a lot during that period. I did not took any financial help, I needed a mental support which I received from my father, sister, wife and in laws. I again came closer to my wife and soon she got pregnant. She used to behave very nice with my family and used to take care of me and my mom dad. we used to take care of her too. All of us were happy. She got so busy with baby inside her and with my mom who became her best friend, she could not give much time to her parents. Once my FIL called me and told me that you are keeping my daughter much happy, so that she has started to forget them. I took it as a complement. But later I realized that this was a real threat.

We were planning for a baby shower during 7th month of my wife’s pregnancy and menu was decided my mother and wife together. Everything was so good and exciting. That night my wife got a call from her mother who criticized her on the menu and my mother’s choice(which I came to know later). Suddenly next morning everything changed, my wife started shouting on my mother that because of her she is feeling ashamed. I did not participate in this by now. Only thing I did that I dialed in my MIL number and asked her to hear how my pregnant wife is shouting on my mom and asked my MIL to call my wife to console. But things turned differently. My MIL called my 7 month pregnant wife and told her that she is going to consume poison because of my mother and my wife was traumatized. Now she became more aggressive with my mother. Me and my father literally rolled down in front of her to keep her calm, but she was on shouting mode.

Suddenly after everything was coming back to normal, my in laws appeared. After entering my flat they started to abuse me, my mother and father (he is a very simple guy who has never hurt anyone). I got bit furious once they abused my father. Then my constable FIL threatened me to beat through goons and my parents got intimidated and calmed down. After 7th month completion, as per tradition my wife went to her parental home for baby birth.

God blessed with a cute boy in Nov 2020. Everything started to come back to the normal between me and my wife again. We were too much happy. I started to realize one thing that my wife don’t share anything with me and whatever she shared before was a half truth only. When I asked her, she replied that she is close to only to her father and not to anyone else. Her father knows few of our bedroom secrets too. I was heartbroken, I told her so. on that she started fighting with me and suddenly started crying and called her father to come fast. By next day afternoon, my in-laws was in my society. Once they entered my flat, my BIL charged on me, but I repelled him back, took my son in arms and went straight to bedroom. Looking his failed attempts to hit me, my constable FIL came forward to hit me, but stopped after watching my son in my arms. And started abusing me, my father and mother. We – my mother, father and me kept mum and did not reply at all considering that it would calm them down and replies may heat up the argument. My FIL and BIL threatened me for beating me up on my way to and from the office.

I am fade up with all of this. But my wife is my first love of life and I cannot stay without my son. I don’t want to divorce her and don’t want to stay away from my son too. But I am very tired of my in laws.

I am putting this blog as I am still getting threatened by my in laws and having life threats. If in case I will feel my life in real danger or I meet with an accident, please consider this blog as my testimony. I will share the details with cousin’s and sister of this blog who will help police to trace the victims. I am not sure if I will get a help from Police as my FIL is from Police only is on the verge of retirement and has very good inside contacts too. But still this may serve as a justice.


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