False DV and False 498A

First I appreciate Mr. Amit Deshpande for creating a blog like this which is more than highly appreciated.

Nowadays the torture on the men has increased.

I am also one of the victim of the above though the same is in court and I am sure the same will be dismissed then I am planning to file a Defamation case as the Police came to my house 3 times where my so called wife called through 100 and 2 NCR were made but at the end ended up with Sec 498A.

I have a Flat in Bangalore and my main mistake is that I put both my and so called Wife name.

I would be very happy if I can donate my 50% share on the flat to a type of organization who are doing for a good cause. I need a favor from Mr. Amit Deshpande if you people can call me so that I can clarify the same what is my idea and if we can implement the same. My wife is a person who has not respected the support given by me to make her a Music teacher today by spending lots of time and money and I get this treatment.

Sir I would request you to call Vaastav Counselors including me and we have very good and dedicated counselors and can help distress men. I have 4 cases on me and when they called me I boosted their morale and gave proper guidance. To all the readers if you have the problems due to cruelty of wife and her family please do call us once then you will see the difference in yourself. I had the same problem it took for 5 months to get out of this mess.

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