Some Useful Information

I just want to share my experience to all members, other than legal advice or legal manner. Following steps may be followed by all members.

1. Join Save Indian Family Group / Google Group / FB group / Twitter Group etc./local chapters

2. Join Facebook / Join Tweeter / Join weekly meeting / etc.

4. Keep one SIF no. rather than personal no.

5. Always tell to everybody your specialization so that others may benefit to you.

6. Always share personal details to you like kahan rehtey ho, kya kartey ho, kis company mein job kartey ho.

7. Always touch with 4-5 members who can pay for you anything.

8. Never ever give any legal advice to anybody if you don’t know.

9. But always give social, emotional, familiar advice to all.

10. kuch aisa karo ki tumhari wajah se kisi ki aankh mein aansu to ho lekin kushi ke ho.

11.In SIF not all are perfect but closely perfect.

12. Take advice but choose best one who will suitable for you.

13. Give always 8882498498 to new members rather than personal no.

14. In a legal matter one line always there : Kuch bhi ho sakta hai, kuch bhi nahi hoga.

15. Hate only persons not their posts.

16. And in the last kabhi bhi jhoot mat likhna or bolna kyonki bhagwan sab dekhta hai.

17. and this is for all : maintain the integrity dignity of the organisation so that members may approach you please add me please add me.

Now Some Legal Advice To All :

1. Never left your job because no lawyer fight your case in free mode.

2. Debarred from the property is just an eye wash nothing more than that.

3. Attend all dates which may be Police Station or Court.

4. Don’t blind faith on lawyer.

5. Never ever give original advice to him.

6. Don’t be upset, emotional, egoistic.

7. Fight legal battle like a game it means win and only win.

8. Never bribe to anybody in whole life. Because it also spoils ur soul somewhere.

9. Always carry self confidence.

10. Always respect and love to your rest of the family members, friends, peers etc.

11. Always carry at least one good friend which may be any gender.

12. Don’t judge yourself.

13. Always accept your mistakes.

14. Without any reason do not pin point to any body.

15. Always read books which is related to your life or case etc. it will help you.

16. Fight one to one it means legal fight legally, emotional fight emotionally, physical fight  physically etc.

17. Never happy to opposite party bad decisions. But happy with our good decisions.

18. Do not find smile to someones  but smiles always inner side.

19. Never ever see difference between junior or senior. Always accepts good things from them.

20. IF you fail  it does not mean you was wrong sometimes many factors behind these type of situations: like your surroundings, your lawyers, and most important judges ideology and very big factor that is your luck.

21. Never ever compare your situations / case  to any body because every one is unique which may be person or situation or case.

22. And your cool nature or big smile or satisfaction mode are enough to defeat of opposite party.

23. Apney apko dosi kabhi mat mano if you was not commit any wrong.

24. Out heart is best judge.

25. Every person every time has two type of fights one is in mind and second is in heart. So motto should be win the fight in heart. because tension to dimaag mein hoti hai. Dil mein nahi.

26. Jo hona hai wo ho ke rahega. but it does not mean that we sit calmly. No our duty is jitna acha ho sake utna accha karna hai.


Sorry to say Please

These are my personal views

It is not mandatory to follow above.

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