Thanks Vaastav


I am Nitin started attending Vaastav meeting around 2 and half month before at Borivali. I came to know this NGO by searching on internet.

I had no hope from anything and anyone,still I decided let’s attend this Vaastav meeting When I first attended Vaastav meeting. I had lot of mental stress and some members of Vaastav passing jokes in meeting and they had no stress on their faces.

I thought most of them are not serious about their life. They appreciate me for collecting some proof against my wife but told that those proof are good but not enough,I got disappointed to know that.

For second meeting of Vaastav I was not much positive but decided to put aside my lazyness and excuses and decided to attend meeting.

Every meeting l got new knowledge as people who are victim share their experience and guide us.

Now my mental stress has reduce a lot and I enjoy meeting these people as friend. Thanks to Vaastav people.

My family problem still not solved but Vaastav people gave me courage to fight. Through this organisation I got lots of friend and cooperation.

One thing I realised here is to stay united. As it is said unity is strength. Unity is utmost essential to fight against biased laws and save innocent.

Thanks a lot.

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