As I pen my thoughts, I hadn’t ever imagined that I will be expressing my gratitude posthumously to THE CHOSEN ONE as I would like to refer Mr. Nimesh Gandhi. I hadn’t thought my feelings will have to be conveyed in this form after the great soul has departed and left us. Nimesh is an inspiration to not only me but to thousands of survivors of false cases lodged by many unscrupulous women.

I met Nimesh when I was in a state of despair fighting against laws meant to strip men of their rights and allow women to use them as a weapon against men. THE CHOSEN ONE as we say was a very simple, helpful and a nice guy only to be accused in a false case by his wife. As a result of this, he had to face the brunt of police and legal system of India. The trauma of yourself and your parents being taken into custody for no reasons would even destroy the bravest of all humans, but this man stood rock steady and was prepared to fight the legal battle and at the same time take care of his parents and fulfilled his responsibilities as a son, brother and an MBA finance executive in his office.

He was determined, focused, strong-willed and committed to life. As he was trying to cope with this and doing well in his legal battle, another shock awaited him. He suffered a paralytic attack and was bed ridden for weeks. He lost his job and now was also losing grounds in his legal battle. His old-aged parents were awestruck and helpless seeing their 31 year old son going through such ordeals in life. As they say “there is ray of light after the tunnel” THE CHOSEN ONE fought back and recovered. He believed that if truth is on one’s side, one just has to live longer by one day than one’s enemy to win the court battle. He won his legal battle proving all the allegations to be false against him and now was happily divorced from his first marriage.

His knowledge about legal matrimonial matters and his willingness to help people made him amongst one of the best counselors at VAASTAV. His survival mantra of living a day longer than your enemy wife helped many survivors who had the symptoms of succumbing to their wife’s irrational demands. Good days were in sight for him and life was creeping back to normal. After deciding to continue with his career goals, within few weeks he got another job and was all joyous about it. He continued his social activist responsibilities counseling men and families at VAASTAV in helping them fight their legal battles.

Soon we heard the good news of him starting his second innings in life. He got married the second time at the age of 33 and continued living a happy life with his family and pursuing his career goals. Just when it seemed that life began smiling at him, fate struck again and on 31st March 2017, he breathed his last. He was diagnosed with high sugar and suffered a silent attack the very next day. It was the shock of our lives and we just couldn’t accept the fact that he has departed. Many of us felt that the stress and the turmoil he had gone through could be a cause. When you see such good people and brave warriors leave early, you doubt whether GOD is really kind or does he really exists. No words could console us. It’s painful to lose such legends and activists who worked for the cause.

Maybe God needed the good company of angels to be happy and that’s the reason he CHOSE NIMESH. That’s the only way at VAASTAV can we accept this and pacify ourselves. THE CHOSEN ONE will continue to live in our hearts and inspire us to fight against unscrupulous women in our society.

Whenever he would find some friend in distress, he would quote lines from this poem or forward them these lines to keep the spirits high. I would like to end this with those lines as Nimesh’s message for us.

कोशिश कर हल निकलेगा,

आज नहीं तो कल निकलेगा..

अर्जुन के तीर सा सध,

मरुस्थल में भी जल निकलेगा..

महनत कर, पौधों को पानी दे,

बंजर ज़मीन में भी फल निकलेगा..

दुआ मांगने की आदत छोड़,

गमों में भी खुशी का पल निकलेगा..

प्रयत्न कर, निरन्तर आगे बढ़,

जो थमा थमा है वो चल निकलेगा।।

Nimesh, you’ll live in the hearts of people whom you have helped fight distress. Aum Shanti!

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