Victorious Victim


Victorious victim – A Story of a victim who emerged as a winner

My name is Bhavesh Patel. I got married on 11/12/2006. After approx 2-2 ½  years of our wedding one day she suddenly left my home without informing anyone and without saying anything to anyone on where she was going and when shall she return back. Since then there was no communication from her end. After 2-2 ½ years of her leaving the home, she filed a complaint at Mahila Police Station in Anand, Gujarat for 498A (Dowry harassment).


On 27/11/2011 the Mahila Police Station, Anand, Gujarat called us and recorded our statement.  We gave our statement and we were asked to go. No FIR was registered for the same. On 11/12/2011, the IO at the Mahila Police Station, Anand, Guajrat made us reach a compromise/settlement and made us sign a MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) for divorce by way of customary notary divorce by signing on a Rs.100 stamp paper. She mentioned a condition that my son shall be with her and we shall not be allowed to meet him. We asked for child custody but she didn’t give it to us.


Based on the customary divorce and MoU signed at the Mahila Police Station, Anand, Gujarat, I got remarried on 21/06/2013. After that my exwife filed a case in Family Court Mumbai for maintenance, claiming an amount of Rs.25000/- for her and Rs.25000/- for my son. After filing the said case she got remarried but she did not disclose this fact to the court.


While my case was running, I came across an NGO by the name of Vaastav Foundation in Mumbai, which helps men in distress. I dialed the helpline number and got connected to Mr. Hussein. I was guided by him and asked to join the weekly meetings. I started attending the weekly meeting and now I ensure that I attend the weekly meeting regularly. By attending meeting regularly I learnt how to fight against the biased laws and how to handle cases.


In the interim while my case was going on, I learnt that my son had been enrolled in a school and my ex wife has changed the father’s name and last name by way of gazette declaration. Later I learnt that the new name that was mentioned after my sons name was that of her second husband.


When we procure the copy of gazette and tried to submit it in court, she pleaded that she would like to withdraw the case for maintenance on the pretext that she was unable to pay the court fee f Rs.15000/-. But the fact was that she had come to know that we had procured the gazette copy about her second marriage and change in name of son and was to submit the same to the court and she realized that I was willing to fight this war rather than surrendering to her unethical and illegal blackmailing demands.


After joining Vaastav Foundation, I gathered strength as well as free help. I also came across other victims who were/are more in trouble and how they have sailed smoothly because of Vaastav Foundation. I learnt a lot from everyone of them.


I am thankful to Vaastav foundation for all the help. It is great to see and feel that someone is helping men in distress when there is nothing in favour of men in today’s time.

Below is the hand written story by Bhavesh Patel in Gujarati.


Disclaimer : The contents of the blog are personal opinion and view of the writer. Vaastav Foundation does not hold any responsibility for the contents of the same. Vaastav Foundation promotes Family Harmony, peace and believes in Equal Human Rights. Vaastav Foundation is also against gender discrimination and law misuse

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