Gender Neutral Laws


This is Sunil From Thane .

Let me explain my story about 498a in brief.

My wife was having Lazy eye defect which they hide during the marriage and after knowing the fact i sent her to their parental place for reason behind hiding the truth. “Lazy -Eye” is the state where person can not have good visibility & can not be treated at the age of 24.

After separation of 3 months my wife alleged slapped on me & family members 498A . And for settlement their demand is 18 lakhs !

As i have not dealt with laws & police station anytime in my history i was afraid and mentally disturbed ,every day i was searching for the help of Lawyers and roaming around the court and searching for what is 498A ?

Everyone in my family and members were saying Law is in favour of Ladies and you will not get Justice & have to be sufferer long while instead fulfill their demand and start your new life. For which I was against and not ready as I have not committed any cruelty on her .

After a long struggle i came to know that there a Men’s Right activity going on,” Save Indian Family ( SIF )” in Mumbai named as Vaastav Foundation.

After searching on internet finally i found Vaastav Foundation tel no. and i called them and provided my details. During counseling i came to know that I am not the only a Person who is suffering from False 498A like me many more Distress man & their families are there who are falsely implicated in to False cases , 498A , DV , HMA , CRPC 125 & lot more …..

Now I found my way to success where everyone will unite together in to Vaastav Foundation Family and Remove this cancerous diseases from the world before it spread through out .

Vaastav Foundation not only Help me to give counseling but also give moral support , goal toward the Men’s right & the laws being misused in india.

Now i will fight and show them that Law is not just meant for Misuse but it has also wrong impact on society too . Fight for Cause & Get the Justice. Thanks for the support I am getting from this group members.

Fight for justice and don’t pay the Dowry on the name of Feminism to Estranged wife & their members for the name sake of “Huge Settlement” ( Which they took a decade to earn ).

Jai Hind

Victim of False 498A

Disclaimer : The contents of the blog are personal opinion and view of the writer. Vaastav Foundation does not hold any responsibility for the contents of the same. Vaastav Foundation promotes Family Harmony and Peace and believes in Equal Human Rights and is against gender discrimination and law misuse

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