Gaurav Satle

Name: Gaurav Satle

Designation: Activist, Co-ordinator, Image-based content provider

Organisation: Vaastav Foundation

Cause: Men’s Rights and Gender Equality

Profession: Software Process Automations Lead at an MNC

Place: Mumbai


I am a Men’s Rights Activist from Mumbai and have been involved in social issues activism from the past 5 years. I am fighting for gender equality in the society through men’s rights activism. I am one of the co-founders of the NGO Vaastav Foundation a one of its kind organization that focuses on the well-being of boys and men. We have been featured in Television programs, debates, newspaper articles and the team have also got the opportunity to write articles, including on front pages of leading dailies and magazines.

Vaastav Foundation works to highlight the issues of men which have been hitherto neglected by the society. Every 7 minutes, one man commits suicide in India.

This issue has been ignored for long. The social, political, judicial discourse consists of a lot of Misandry or to simply put gender disparity that includes male hatred, ignorance, lack of worthiness in treatment of men or even a forced responsibility that is enforced upon men and boys. I my own ways I have worked towards eradicating Misandry or simply increase awareness about it in the society.

Free Counseling:

Vaastav Foundation conducts free counseling sessions on a weekly basis at three places in Mumbai – Borivili, Mulund and Vashi. Every week about 120 people get free counseling from our meetings to help men cope with pressure of facing false cases and to avoid suicide.

I have worked as a counselor at these centres periodically helping co-victims of law misuse as they suffer from an emotional/physical abuse, financial turmoil & face social stigma due to Misandry and help them overcome suicidal thoughts. In the process I have made some excellent friends with some amazing human beings!

I have also worked as a counselor on the phone for the privately managed National Suicide Helpline, a one of its kind exclusive for men, on 8882498498 with other NGOs under the banner of Save Indian Family.

Photographer and Content Provider:

I have used my love for photography to its best use for Vaastav Foundation. I have covered social events either organized by Vaastav Foundation or those in which Vaastav Foundation has participated. One of the photographs clicked in the process (group photograph of Vaastav Foundation’s participation in Dream Run category for Mumbai Marathon, 2013) was once listed as ‘one of the impactful photographs of the year 2013’ by wikicommons.

Organizing Events for Vaastav Foundation:

In the last few years, I have also actively participated in the planning and execution of various events organized by Vaastav Foundation, to create awareness on Men’s Rights, Father’s Rights and men’s issues like Child Alienation Syndrome, Law misuse, Men’s Health and victimization of men due to Misandry.

  • Orphanage Visits: Vaastav Foundation in my tenure as an activist has conducted visits to orphanages on the occasion of Father’s Day, by helping fathers deprived access to their children to spend some time with kids and helping kids living without family to get some affection.
  • Blood Donation Camps: Vaastav Foundation has conducted blood donation camps on the occasion of Men’s Day in association with Sir J J Hospital, Mumbai.
  • Participation in Mumbai Marathons: Every year Vaastav Foundation participates in Mumbai Marathon and highlighting men’s issues with the use of attractive costumes that convey messages. In 2016, we participated with two activists wearing costumes of an ATM & criminal symbolizing that men are either treated as an ATM or a criminal by the society and not as a respectful human being. In 2017, we participated with the prop of ‘ the snake of misandry’ that gobbles up innocent men. Here the snake was the face of all social evils men face in India due to Misandry. We also made a statement that “Patriarchy” burdens with responsibility and even kills them at times. I have been instrumental in ideation, conceptualization and execution of the plans and a successful marathon participations ensuring presence of MRAs and the need to address men’s issues is felt.
  • Health Camps for Men: On the occasion of Father’s Day, a ‘ultra-special’ basic health check-up camp for men is being organized, with special impetus on Prostate health.

University lectures: In Feb 2017, I have given a talk at the Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies as a Guest Speaker at the ASM School of Commerce in Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies highlighting the vital need for men’s rights and breaking the social myths associated with gender stereotypes existing in the society.