Gaurav Satle

I am an activist who strives to create a more acceptable & positive space for men. I believe there’s a huge lack of empathy for men due to which most of their issues get ignored and they are left to fend for themselves. This works against the social well-being of a society,  makes aggressive men more aggressive and weak men more vulnerable. Masculinity is toxic first towards men then for others. It’s time we eradicate gynocentrism, patriarachal burdens on men, recognise the rights & needs of men & create a society that focuses on well-being of all regardless of their gender.

I have given guest lectures at universities & colleges on men’s rights, it’s need and men’s health. I have participated in workshops & discussions on ‘toxic masculinity and it’s effects on men & boys’, I have featured extensively in media (both electronic & print).

I have also provided feedbacks to state & national governments to improve judicial efficiency and make the judicial process less cumbersome of litigants. Many of these suggestions have been accepted.

Recently, I have been studying & researching on cognitive behavioral patterns in men & women & how these are accepted / rejected differently by the Indian society. This study & work is yet to be completed & published. If you wish to connect to me for any support related to this, you can reach out to me on facebook, twitter, email or call.

Happy activism. Let’s make a difference and take steps towards it however insignificant these steps seem.

– Gaurav Satle