Umesh Kuril

I came to know of vaastav foundation and visited them during one of their weekly meetings at Borivali. The hope that I got there motivated me to visit every week and got enlightened about the realities of the legal system and the how to fight these fake cases.

Over the period my confidence level went up and decided to contribute to the cause. I started counselling the victims some of whom have gone through much worse conditions then me.  With the self experience and the collective experience of the team having gone through the similar conditions we are able to understand the pain and emotions the victim is going through when he approaches us for the first time. At this point of time he generally has lost all hope. He has a lot of expectation from us. The support that victim gets from us prepares them for the fight instead of surrendering.

I am proud to with Vaastav and in contributing to make the society understand that males are victim too and to fight for gender neutral law.