Sunil Putsala Rao

To give short n brief about me.
Hi This is sunil b putsala an engineer in textile field who got married to a b tech girl .
It was a arranged marriage.
She was having some medical problem i.e. lazy eye which they hide during marriage and after realising the truth after 2 months of marriage she told me that there parents have asked to hide otherwise marriage won’t happen. After this incidence i sent her back to Thr parental home for treatment and from that day onwards thy started harrasing me on phone for giving money for divorce .
When i alerted them tht i have been cheated in the marriage by that time have been slapped by false n bogus dowry harrasement case.
She Not only involved me but my uncle, elder person in native who Dont stayd wd us n my parents .
I was searching for save indian family on website & found vaastav foundation .
Earlier i was a victim but after looking at the crowd i came to know about like me many people are suffering due to this gender biased law.
From that day onwards i decided to raise voice against misuse.
And successfully joined social media like twitter and started collecting and sharing news on daily basis which can be seen below links;
Also after being an MRA came to know that society is misandric towrds men and Thr family .
After reading daily news and some research on media recently started writing blog which can be seen by clicking link here :

And over and above i feel proud to be an MRA being a part of save indian family movement generously , effectively the way i can spend on ….
I want to share one of the phrase which is inspired by dad.
जीते तो सब हैं लेकिन जीना उसी को कहते है जो दुसरो के लिये काम आये!
वैसे तो हम खुद के लिये सब जीते हैं मजा तब आता हैं जब दूसरे अपने दर्द को अपना समझकर दुःख दर्द बाँटते हैं
इन्सान मरने के बाद कुछ ऊपर नही लेकर जाता सिर्फ लेकर जाता हैं तो उसके अच्छे और बुरे कर्म और पीछे छोड़ जाता हैं अपनी अच्छाई या बुराई!
तो फिर क्यों भले किसी का बुरा करे अगर अच्छा न कर सके तो बुरा भी तो मत करो!

I keep engaging every day to help somehow the way i can.
Best rgds