Krishna Arjun

A GRC professional. Vaastav has come to me as a second life. What else can one ask on a birthday.

When I meet various people at the Vaastav meetings and understand their cases and pain,
it makes me realize how the system has ensured a structural injustice to men and his family.
The system and thepeople involved in the system, adding biased laws and prejudiced views to it,
ensures that men and hisfamily is systematically broken in all aspect beginning from financial,
emotional, till the time they reach to an extent where they feel so helpless and decide to take extreme steps.
I have always been advocating human rights all while, till I realized that Men and his family are deprived even of their basic HUMAN RIGHTS.

My motto in life has been to help people, in all possible ways. I am thankful I came across Vaastav, which showed me the way to work on my motto of life more aggressively, ensuring that men and his family are not deprived of their HUMAN RIGHTS.
As it is said

“every good has something bad in it and every bad has something good in it”.

So my request to all those who feel victimized once they are gifted with false matrimonial cases or any cases arising out of biased laws and system, kindly don’t feel and act like a victim,

“Be a warrior – understand you have been specifically chosen to clean the mess of the society which has been created by people with vested interest.”Let’s understand what ever wrong had to happen, has happened, it’s time now to wake up for your rights and not only your rights but also ensure a safe place to live for future generation.