Hussein Ali

A member of Vaastav Foundation & a crusader in Men’s Right movement, which in reality is a Human Rights movement. Even Basic rights such as Freedom to Equal Laws, Right to be not Discriminated, Right to Life, Right to Fair treatment in courts, Right to Innocence until proven guilty only exist on paper and yet fully denied to Men in India. A harsh Reality seen, felt but hardly anything is done about it.
I was a normal middle class guy who suffered at the hands of scrupulous bitter half (wife) and equally painful laws and decided not to go down without a strong fight. So it was a leap of faith and I chose to be a Counselor with Vaastav Foundation.
As a Counselor, we give Hope, when others deny it to the common man. We assure guidance and help when laws, society and government chose to ignore our very own people. We help families to save their bread earning men, help mothers & sisters to save their sons and brothers from the clutches of money making machine, which uses Gender Biased laws to create havoc.
What started as a small effort, today has become a pillar of Strength for me n and many who come to the weekly meetings.
“There is NO exception to the weekly Vaastav Meetings “