Amit Deshpande

I am an engineer by profession.
Misandry – hatred of men – within the society has made me determined to expose it unabashedly.
I began working for men’s rights in 2011 with Mumbai chapter of SIF. The emotional strength the groups give men is unmatched and that’s where I think I was touched by the men’s rights group.

As an attempt to create a positive space for men, now our team has been able to successfully set up Vaastav Foundation, a registered NGO and we run a helpline exclusively for men.

As part of my contribution to the movement, I have been fortunate to have opportunity to co-author research on Suicides of men with a PhD scholar and have also got a chance to appear on TEDx Talk.

Achieving goals set by Vaastav Foundation remain my life goals and I hope to continue striving to achieve them.