We celebrated Dassera by cutting nose of Shurpanakha and burning Raavan within society in form of Misandry, biased laws and neglect of male issues.
We also cut nose of Shurpanakha, signifying false accusers who lie, falsely accuse and destroy lives of innocent men in false rape/ molestation/ dowry cases. The Raavan of gullibility within society that takes a false accusing woman's words as gospel truth only because of her gender in form of misandry was also burnt.
Hope for victory of good over evil everywhere.




Mumbai Marathon 17th Jan 2016

Walk with us, IF you support MEN's RIGHTS! Be There!

Dream Run with Vaastav Foundation (Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2016)



Vaastav Foundation celebrated Men's Day by conducting a signature campaign at CST station creating awareness on men's issues. We collected 4000+ signatures, kudos to everyone for the efforts.


Dharna @Azaad Maidaan, Mumbai March 7, 2015

Vaastav Foundation organized a dharna against the proposed Marriage Law Amendment Bill. Our demand for recognition of Men’s Rights in India by constituting a National Commission for Men and having a Men’s Welfare Ministry to oversee the issues involving men and their families. The women’s wing of Vaastav Foundation under the banner of ‘MASHAAL – Mothers And Sisters of Husbands Against Abuse of Law’ also highlighted the biased nature of women centric laws in India which more than being pro-women or pro-justice are only ‘pro-wives’.


International Men's Day 19th Nov 2014

MEN - the one who is always neglected & seldom thought or talked about in good manner. Today's society is only focused on a particular gender rather showing Equality in True Spirits.

Celebrate with Vaastav Foundation at CST, Mumbai on 19th Nov, 09 am to 06 pm


Mumbai Marathon 18th Jan 2015

Vaastav Mark Its Presence In Mumbai Marathon 2015


Vaastav Sunday Meets

Vaastav Meetings are conducted every Sunday at Borivali & Mulund 


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