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  • December 17, 2019
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Hello  All, My self Milind Kadam , a science graduate,( BE Chemical), You all would be thinking why i am mentioning here a science graduate, all because to highlight that I have never earlier heard about any law section of which I was made accused including 498a which is an non bailable non compoundable offense. Further, I would like to take you through my life journey of past 3 years where I suffered a lot, and more than that i learned a lot.

Dont know where to start, it all started from my marriage, which held on 07/12/2012, where my all relatives and friends were wishing me #happy married life at that time i dont know why people wish likewise as I used to think marriages are always joyful and gives happiness. Everyone was happy at my marriage including all my relatives and my parents. I married to a simple 96K Maratha girl, it was an arrange marriage, i decided to marry her because I wanted to spend a simple, average life as a normal man expects from his marriage, but i dont know what was there in her mind at that moment.

Sooner after the marriage, i saw a another face of marriage, i dont know why she was doing so what was her intention, she represented like i was torturing her, trying to control her personal life too much, and on my first Diwali after marriage in my absence packed all her belongings and gold and left my home . She left a message saying that it’s the first Diwali after marriage and wanted to celebrate diwali with her parents and never came back. After 1 year I got a notice from police that your wife had complained about the dowry harassment. I was more afraid as my father in law was working with the police department. It was completely shocking for me. I could not understand what has been happening, pertinent to mention, i had never asked for  dowry and more shocking was that compliant was not only against me but all my near relative including my sister who was 9 months pregnant at that time. SOONER I RELAISED THAT I HAD BEEN ADDED TO LIST OF FALSELY ACCUSED HUSBANDS, AGAINST WHOM MISUSE OF DOWRY AND OTHER WOMEN CENTRIC LAWS  WAS BEING DONE. My wife file Domestic Violence cases against me and my family in town, which is around 600 kms from my residence. No one was ready to understand even my close relatives and friends started suspecting me as i if i had really tortured my wife, demanded dowry. It was beyond my imagination that such things may happen to me and my family, the kind of mental trauma i was suffering, I was about to suicide, cannot think of any other solution .

In this whole darkness, i got hope from Vaastav Foundation, of which contact details i got from the internet, i immediately called 8882498498 (National helpline-SIF), where volunteers of the group made me release that suicide can never be solution to any matrimonial disputes as cases was against my family as well and even after my death, cases will remain against my family members, they made me realize that what should i do for safeguarding me. I have been accused of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE as well along with 498a. Only after first counseling i realised that i should fight and if i fight in proper manner, i can show the real face of my wife to court, i started reading several citation (As already mentioned i am a science student but i started enjoying reading law, judgements,information available on vaastav.org i started attending vaastav meetings, which are being held at mulund, borovali, sanpada in mumbai, every wekends, i got a platform where i can share my problem which i cannot  share to my relatives and friends, i realized that there are many more husbands and families who are  fighting these fake cases  more critical cases, it is an comoon phenomena acroos all class, creed, caste. I realized that my problem isnt too big it also has a very simple solution, i tried to gain knowledge about court proceeding and law thorough internet. Sooner i started helping new victims at weekly meetings of vaastav Foundation and this helps me alot in my cases too. I fought my DV CASE party in person (without advocate help) and within ONLY 19 DATES(1.5 YRS) i got aquital from 498a. In DOMESTIC VIOLENCE she filed application for interim maintenance for unrealistic amount , From vaastav meeting i realized importance of CRPC 91(Call for document application) through which i was able to  issue warrant  to her EMPLOYER and BANKER and based on documents submitted by them, her interim maintenance application was rejected by the Hon’ble Court. Further i filed purjury application u/s 340 because it was been observed by the Hon’ble Court that she had deposed false on oath, suppressed material facts and filed false affidavit  in court .  Over a period of time I started enjoying court proceeding and fighting cases. My wife aproached me, i had managed to settle all cases against me in few thousand Ruppes as against her original demand of Rs 21 lakhs and one rrsidetial property.

All this courage i got from vaastav weekly meetings and apart from it participation in activism for Mens right and belive me this helped me alot, you all would have heared about ‘LAW OF KARMA’ ,

So all , who have been trapped in fake matrimonial cases, need not to worry but FIGHT is only solution.

Beilve me if you haven’t done any thing wrong, you will win sooner than you think  and at last my favorite line in all my struggles days #SATYA PARESHAN HO SKTA HE PARAJIT NHI#

 So be strong, regularly attend meetings, promote men’s rights as