Vaastav Emerges big Support and Morale Booster, a Place where Men are considered as Humans. a personal life changing experience

  • December 17, 2019
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I could remember the day when I first came to vaastav, looking for the address, High and dry in despair and agony. Those were the most depressing days of our life, as i was considering to suicide, but this was my last try, was the state when i first came to vaastav , The days started to change from then on, Slowly initially and then with faster pace. As at first place, it was a place where i was treated like a Human, (before that i ran Pillar to Post, only in vain and was treated like a football, by the people who just wanted to fulfill their goal). The other reason which boosted my morale was when i could meet people who had gone through the same had sympathy for me, and heard me and gave me directions, also shared their success stories. That was the turning point of life.

As from then on the things changed, As it gave me a platform to meet the like minded people and also a place where i could be heard, otherwise i was started feeling like a Alien in my own country, and also started feeling so neglected and also felt that the Taxes paid by me and all my family throughout life went in drain, I felt so cheated the reason being that the opposite parties who had ransacked my house using police and other Govt forces had never paid to Govt. as much we did. But who cares for truth here, its all for personal goal. but at the cost of our lives, But who cares.

Even now the cases are on but, the confidence is different due to constant counselling and real proper guidance made it all, without any expectation financially or otherwise, I could feel only place on earth which works selflessly like a place of worship. Its like a new way of being spiritual or seeking god by seeing god in All Humans. Who knows that god exisits in temples, but changes in lives and smile on their faces  say it all, A new way to spirituality.

From : Tavinder Pal Singh,  Mulund