Vaastav: A friend in need is a friend indeed

  • December 17, 2019
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A young Software Engineer in his late twenties with a grooming career but with lot’s of family responsibilities had a dream. A dream, a common dream that any normal would have, a Dream to get married. He finally did in 2015 and was on cloud 9. He tried everything to make his wife, his love of life happy mere to his knowledge that  girl loves not him but someone else. His everything shattered when his left him while he was working in office to fulfill his family’s every dream. She left him without even telling him. It was mental turmoil for him. He was down emotionally and mentally. His career deteriorated so as his health. Things turned worse when she filed a divorce case and threatened him and his family to put behind bars that too after extorting a huge alimony. This is the time when he was suggested by a well wisher to attend Vaastav Borivali meetings. On my very first day, when he met Hussain sir, not only he got a mentor but a good friend. A good friend that was with him in every situation. It was good to see how passionate Vaastav fighters were, they were helping everyone out there in distress. It seemed to be more of a family get together where you discuss your good and bad moments, share a laughter, discuss each other’s problems and last not least give each other a strength to fight. His negative life turned got positive vibes, he saw light at the end of tunnel. He got permanent well wishers after loosing a temporary companion.

I wish lot of good luck  to all my Vaastav Veers from the core of my heart. Your help and support is highly respected.

Love you all..!! 🙂