Save my son

Hi i am from Mumbai had a good family life with my wife mother and 11 months son. suddenly wife and I had a fight over the small issue, not allowed her to eat on street food. she called her on last December and went to her parent house. till date I am requesting and apologized still she does not return home. my sister stays near to my house(10-15 min walking distance) with her family and my wife and her mother her sister want that my sister should leave and stay very far from our house. i don’t find it is reasonable because we don’t we don’t pay any thing to my sister they do it by their own. my wife mom is very aggressive she always wants to win even due to harassment her father is mentally out. since last few years, i have observed that my wife her sister and mother had torcher to their father even u can’t believe burning signs can see on his body by kind of hot metal. her father even -dont go against because if he go then may be in trouble.he all the time arrest inside the house from last years  7-8 years. he becomes horny after drunk that is the main problem with him. always under control like an animal and all the time depressant drug. what happing with me has happened at her sister house too, but last year. her mother asked son in law to call her his mother and father to her home and say sorry and agrees all the term when they did all this they can allow her to take home, finally, they did. now my wife staying with her mother and her sister is also staying near around and agitate my wife against to me and my mother. my father passed away many years back. and my mother is a heart patient. she go frequently to my sister for any help and here is problem start this is what my wife doesn’t want (but my wife many time go to her mother and her mother almost 50% of the month stay in our home that is ok for her). her mother is earning good have good properties and she wants to dominate my in my house, interfere in my decision which i don’t like and oppose to her mother. now all this thing her mother take as an ego issue. and spoiling my marriage life. her sister playing equal role and putting may allegations on me. i dont give important to my wife, i dont allow her to eat on street, which are base less. i was facing big financial crises last year because of lost of my job and i crunched my fingurs during that time becuse i have to run my house. my wife was working before and almost most of 90% of money use to give her mothers for management. i asked many time how u finished ur salary so early (as my wife is not fancy she walk use best bus to travel, dont buy clothes frequently for her self ). who gives rights to her mother to interfare in my finincial decision i dont know. even i am non drinker non smoker no any any extra affair nothing. i want to earn money for my son to become great doctor and help support society. but not i am looking my dream. i try manay time to go her home and request to come back. i find one very bad thing that they are using my wife like scrap. she work her sister house to to take care her sister doughter and even some time she leaves my son alone with her mother and father where atmosphere is not good 20 house of TV run mobile bad words. my son is verysmart he will sure capture all this thing very fast even they allow her father to smoke at home that is another but the issue, my son exposing. my wife want her mother and sister that’s it. my son comes 3rd and may be i am 4th. but its ok for me but not really ok for my son, as I spend most of my life without a father(early age they passed away) and i know pain and gain. I did long journey from chawal to here. her mother put the most responsibility of her house on me and not to another son in law(if i ask this question then i am wrong, may time I ask to call for a meeting and distribute responsibility to both sons in law but they don’t want). they always try to solve problems alone dont allow me to come during their sister matter. I know all this politics but i cant put my time as i have seen worst of worst in my life and i dont want to happenwith my son.