My wife has put D V Case on me

  • December 17, 2019
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Hell Sir,

my name is Prashant  Joshi lives in Dombivali and got married in year 2017 and my wife was my girlfriend and had relationship since 4 years but after  i got married her behaviour got changed as if she had already planned the very next day she started fighting with me and threaten me leave the house she did not like my parents and was against them but some how tried to make her understand but she didn’t listen after 1 and half months we had small argument and she started shouting and yelling and said bad thing about my parents so me and my mom went to police station for help but later on she came to police station with constable putting cooking oil her and put allegation on me and parents that we tried to kill her and later on she went to mahila mandal where those people were in favour of her and later she field a case of D V against me and my parents and now she is demanding 25000 RS as mataince and 25 lakh rupees Alimony my story as similar like Mr Amit Deshpande  so now  i seeking some help from you what is the solution for this because me and parents are very tensed and depressed because we have never been to court , looking some of help,


thanking you,


Prashant Joshi