Fake rape cases

  • December 17, 2019
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Being a woman myself I am ashamed that there are few women out there who misuse the rape laws for their vengeance and monetary benefit.And 45% fake rape cases are registered all over India every day and the accused has to sometime face some vulnerable consequences like losing job and respect in the society and family.

I came across a case recently ,name changed for privacy issues.

The guy Lokesh(name changed)is 27 years old working as Game designer in a company outside India and the lady Aditi(name changed) is 40 years old a divorcee and having a son of 20 years old from 1st marriage met in the the college where the former was studying and was in the 2nd year of graduation and she was admission councelor in the very same college and after few months she left the job in that college but both connected on facebook and started talking and knowing each other.The guy wanted to shift abroad and the lady also supported him as she was also interested.So they got connected to few consultancies from where they got to know that married couples get easy access to PR facility over unmarried candidates.So they decided to stay together so that they can get to know their compatibility plus they can apply for the PR together.So started living together from April 2017.But within a month rifts and conflict started as he was not earning as much as her and her idea of men was who takes care of women in all aspect like financially,physically and emotionally.But as the guy was just started the career he was not able to spend that much which she was expecting but still he tried to cope up with her.But she was not happy with that too and she decided to part ways and break up but as he loved her he tried to convince her to try for few months atleast to get to know each other plus to give the relationship a chance to grow.But by Nov 2017 she decided to quit the relationship and even got out of the house they stayed together.And by that time he got another opportunity where he got accommodation and food facility from the office so he took the opportunity as he had to save money for both the lady and PR purpose.And they were regularly meeting outside in hotels for quality time with each other.and in the month of June 2018 he left his 2nd job also as didn’t see any growth in the company and started looking for job outside country and this made Christina conscious that if he goes outside country he might not be anymore interested in her so she wanted to get pregnant with him but she couldn’t as she was in her late 30s plus she has hypothyroid problem and she wanted some guarantee from him that he will come back otherwise she put an FIR on him and they will torture his mom and sister.(note:his mom is a single parent).So to to prevent his family and his career from dooming he applied for marriage and signed an marriage application form and they agreed upon few conditions for marriage on email exchanges that she is very abusive in nature she has to go for counseling and plus she wont harm his family and nor she create problem in his career,and she agreed upon the conditions and he went outside the country on work visa.And in between these last 2 years there many money transactions between them and she admitted even that she helped him with money as he was in need.But when he went for work outside India she started calling on odd times which was hampering his office work and if he doesnt recieve call she started calling his mother and his manager and his colleagues due to which he had to block her but he was in contact with her in skype so they were on chats on skype and she was only talking bout money.Once she was telling she took from lender and on the next talk she used to give the money to her mother so she was contradicting her own talks.And the marriage application also expired in between.And in between all those things the guy got close to a girl who was long time friend(known each other from 10 years) as she was the who with whom he was discussing his issues and she was kinda mental support to him as he was not able to discuss this with his family.And she got to know bout it and she started contacting his mom,girls parents,his office colleagues and his old friends on facebook.He told her that he will return her money on June as he doesnt have NRI account so he will come back on June 2019 and will give her money back.

So he came in June 3rd to India and went to bangalore and on June 3rd he got a call from police station that a complaint has been filed on his name by a lady it will be good if he reports to the police station asap.He said he will be there within 3 to 4 days as he is going to Bangalore for some work and tickets are already done.Once he landed bangalore he got 102 fever and he went to doctor than doctor suggested medicine and rest and on 6th he took a bus to hyderabad and 7th he reached and still he was on medicine.He after meeting his mom decided to go to police station on 10th as 8th and 9th was weekend and for any court related help he needs to wait till monday.

On sunday morning a police personnel on civil dress came and said that the girl wants to compromise so whatever you can give above the said amount will be good and the matter will be closed.And asked him to come to police station and the guy went with the policeman.After few hours his phone was switched off so his family got panic and called the CI of the police station.CI also spoke very recklessly and told that go and see in police station and girl doesnt want to compromise.Till that time the family doesnt know that the guy was arrested nor he was given any chance to inform anyone about arrest.

In the meantime the lady came to station and slapped him and broke his specs by stamping on it.

The guy told her i can give your money back and immediately he transferred some amount and told her that by evening i can send you rest but the police people helped her to access the guys phone and she saw his pics with the new girl and she got furious and returned his money and said marry me or face the consequences.

He said i wont marry you I am ready to face whatever comes.

And she filed a case on him that he promised to marry her and forcefully had physical relationship with her and even aborted her child forcefully by giving a promise of marriage.

And she put a dowry case on his mother that she fixed a girl for him who is giving handsome dowry so he is not interested in marrying  her which is a complete false.

She said he forcefully aborted her in Sep 2018,but still she was meeting him in hotels till Dec 2018 and they used to split hotel bills.

He wanted to marry her and her a lot keep the relationship keep going but she always wanted to breakup which we got to know from the email exchanges they had.

As per her quote she was forcefully been asked for physical relationship for 2 years and she got aborted also forcefully,but she didnt file any complaint against the guy or hospital rather she was meeting him in the hotels,nor she involved the guys family who stay in the same city.Why she complaining now when she got to know about the another girl in his life?