Are you thinking of Re-marriage?? Here is what you need to know!!

  • December 17, 2019
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Are you thinking of Re-marriage?? Here is what you need to know!!

During this fight of matrimonial disputes & fake cases on me & My family, many of so called my good well-wishers have major worry & care about me suddenly !! usually they have one said pattern of socio-economic questions, to whom I have my own answers ready, which can be applicable for many of us. If you are thinking of getting remarried, post all settlements and divorce, take out 5 min and read this without fail.


  • Why you want to spoil your life, you can secretly marry till your case gets over?

Ans: Most dangerous suggestion or question by these idiot’s care takers. As per law any how its basic understanding that you cannot remarry till your case get disposed with final divorce. If you go as per this advice there are 3 danger point’s I can foresee.

  • You are already going through one trauma & ready to invite second trauma in your life.
  • With this action, you need to hide this marriage till case gets over, its another headache, & in case this news gets leaked, then you are gone, and be ready for one more legal case & also it will make your current case weak.
  • Pay maintenance to your Ex-wife & at the same time bear all additional expenses and nakhara’s of your new wife


  • How can you stay alone rest of your life, you need companion?

Ans: Till the age of 28-30yrs, you were alone only with your parent’s & happily living your life. Suddenly you get married and then this happiness goes away. By the way there is no guarantee of second inning life, where you will get remarry and your wife will stay for life long, no one can guarantee that. Even for them who are happily married, then also there will be one point (Post 60+ age) in life when you will be left alone only, post all children’s marriage & jobs. Then why you think that you will be alone in life ??? foolish question.


  • Who will help for food, domestic helps for so many years? You will spoil your health by eating outside food.

Ans: House wife culture somehow is getting demolished in the name of women empowerment now a days, Todays working women don’t believe in this stuff and they should not. Today we are in place of world where both husband wife are working & their responsibilities are getting shared which is correct situation. Modernization and lifestyle increased like anything where even housewives don’t cook now a day’s, the great lady “my Maid” takes care of entire family food and domestic help & husband need to pay for it. That era is gone where like our mother, who use to take full charge of kitchen and entire family use to get tasty healthy food made by her hand’s and even she never thought of burden or additional work by doing this. She used to be happier while feeding her entire family. Today if you utter a word to girl by asking “Do you know cooking??   if you do so then it becomes burden, cruelty done by entire family, etc. Be careful and no guarantee that your second wife and her family will not think in this line, so above question becomes meaningless.

  • What about your property? The feeling of having children’s is different world, why you want to miss that opportunity?

Ans: Its pure personal decision, few people don’t want to have children’s in their life after all this shit which they gone through. Even then if you wish to have children’s then Adoption is best solution where you can flourish one kid’s life by giving them love and fulfilling their needs and in return you can also get love from them. But these creatures will not allow you to think in that line. They will also say that you should have your own child which is possible by second marriage. Do they know Indian law has given freedom to wife to put rape cases on husband too??? How foolish thinking is this!!


  • What about your physical needs?

Ans:  This is where all patience ends !! when this question is been asked by anyone. Do you know at the age of 28-30, you get marry, now a day’s marriage sustains few months or 1 to 1.5 years on an average? Till then you enjoy post that atleast 4-5 years roam around court and police station. By that time already 34-35 age you reach. Research proved that the sex interest proactively active till age of 40 to 45 years only. Even then for those 4-5 years you take risk to remarry, still there is no guarantee that your sexual life will be happy. Now a day’s marital rape & unnatural sex IPC sections 375 & 377 have became very famous & one more threat for false cases. You need to decide whether you want those unguaranteed 4-5 years of enjoyment or another threat in your life in the name of IPC 375 & 377. Also Want to mention one funny thing, now a day’s husbands need to beg or request for physical relationships with wife else its cruelty as per law (Hahahaha), Its no more a need but just business.


  • First time was your bad luck !! it doesn’t mean that all girls are bad, next time this will not happen with you, you can still think of marriage ……??

Ans: First, don’t fall into this question and bent down. Please understand, no one can guarantee about your second marriage happiness not even your parents. Even God cannot give guarantee in this kaliyuga. Its like rummy game, you are trying and by luck u may succeed too. But chances of getting into trap is more. The girl to whom you will find for second marriage will be more experience in all matters, & certainly somethings wrong could have happened in earlier relationship which will never come out.

Disclaimer: Above points are based on own opinion & Written with the intention to sensitize about marriage trap & not have any intentions to hurt any one personal life or opinion.


Prabhakar Jakkan