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  • December 17, 2019
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I am victim of false 498a and Domestic Violence. I am residence of Vashi new mumbai. I got married on 07 Dec 2012.
My wife stayed with me not more than 90 days. During her stay my in-laws use to visit my home every week and interfering in to our personal life also my wife use to entertain them. On one fine day my wife called my father in law who use to work in Mumbai police, in my absence came to my house took all her and my mothers jewelry and left my house. She didn’t comeback next one and half years. I starts receiving threatening calls from them and they started demanding exhorbent amount of money. When i did not obeyed their demand they filed false 498a, Domestic voidance cases on me and my mother father and sister. My sister was not domestic residence with us even though her name included in those cases. I was completely depressed to extend to commit suicide.
I called up Vaastav team, they consulted  and counselled me. They made me believe that if someone makes false allegation in front of the court, it is their duty to prove the allegations with supportive documentary evedance. Members of the vashi team gave me proper technical legal knowledge regarding how to file RTI, Tax sevation petition, Crpc 91 call for documents application through which i was able to  collect sufficient eve dance   regarding my wife current working status, financial status, residential status because of which the court has observed that my wife is coming to the court with uncleaned hands, suppressing material facts and primafaci failed to prove that any incidence of domestic voidance has taken place. The court has dismissed her interim maintenance application.
The credit for achieved success so far goes to Vastav Bahubales which is headed by my source of inspiration  Amit Deshpande. Special thanks to Sanjeev pathra, Chetan kanun, Husain, Vinod, Bhasker, Sachin rati and Sohil.