Protect Men from DV Misuse, demand activists – My Right My Voice – Post 4

  • November 17, 2015
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My Right My Voice – Post 4

Recently a leading newspaper DNA’s path breaking journalist decided to walk the corners of the society where the oppressed and sidelined dwelled. Men, their neglected families and their ignored Rights to Live as Equals were the ones who happened to meet this journalist and what happened there after is followed below….

Due Source : DNA Tuesday, 17 November 2015  – By Imran Fazal

Rights activists demand protection of men

For the past six years, 39-year-old ex-banker Hussain Ali from Bhayander has been waiting for an order from the Borivli court after a complaint filed by his wife for domestic violence. Ironically for the past four months the final verdict has been pending, the reason being that the court has no steno to type the order. Apart from that he faces charges of dowry harassment, also pending for the past seven years. He lost his job and has been unemployed due to criminal charges against him.
Hussain Ali got married to a woman from his own community in December 2007 when he worked with a reputed bank while his wife worked at an international BPO. But, the marriage turned into a nightmare as his wife left him after 3 months, alleging torture by her in-laws and filed cases of domestic violence and dowry harassment at Kanakia police station.
“She did not want to live with me and had me arrested without any evidence and just on the basis of allegations. I have lost my job and have to shuffle between Thane and Borivali courts during hearings,” said Hussain Ali.
“The order is pending in court. The judge says that there is no typist for the past four months,” said Ali.
Vinit Jadhav (38), a Mulund resident, has been evicted from his own house by his wife after she filed a case of domestic violence against his 90-year-old grandmother, 50-year-old mother and 75-year-old aunt and him.
“Women don’t think twice before fabricating cases against family members for assault. I have been living on rent for the past one year and she did all this at the behest of her paramour, who is a police officer,” said Jadhav.
Another 32-year-old Borivali resident, and ground staff of T2 terminal, met his wife through a matrimonial website, which turned into a trauma. After his trip to Singapore he found semi-nude pictures of her boyfriend. After that the wife filed a case of domestic violence and demanded Rs25 lakh as settlement.
“My entire family was dragged to the police station and harassed as cops threatened to implicate us in false cases,” said the victim. A case has been registered at Kasturba Marg police station.
For a 52-year-old Mira Road resident life turned into a tragedy after working for companies in Dubai and Qatar. Moiz Kothari returned after 24 years of hard work only to be told by his wife that she wants all the property and his earnings and accused him of molesting his 14-year-old daughter. He spent three months in jail.
“I sleep outdoors as my house is occupied by my wife and I cannot live with her. I have to attend hearings in court, and have suffered a cardiac arrest,” said Kothari.
Borivali resident, 28-year-old Yogesh Salla’s wife filed a case against her in-laws and him. The 72-year-old father and son were in police custody. “She wanted me to live with her parents. I know she cheated me by not revealing that she was a divorcee. She filed cases against me and demanded alimony,” said Salla.
“In India men are puppets in the hands of women as all laws have been made for them. Have you ever heard about a men’s welfare ministry,” says Hussain Ali, secretary for Vaastav foundation, a men’s rights welfare NGO.
“Fabricated cases cost the victim time, money and career, which cannot be compensated even if the men is acquitted on all charges while the judicial process and law is misused to harass men. There is no law to curb the misuse of legislation by women,” said Ali.
Amit Deshpande, president of Vaastav foundation, said, “On the eve of international men’s day we demanded the setting up of a national commission for men and the laws need to be gender neutral. If animals have their ministry why don’t men have a designated ministry,” questioned Deshpande.
“Number of deaths due to suicide, unnatural deaths, diseases as compared to woman has been high always for men and its time that the government should look into the demands of men too”, said Deshpande.

Protect Men from DV Misue, demand Activists



~ Hussein Ali~