#LegalExtortion : FINANCIAL SETTLEMENT to get Mutual Divorce and 498a quash

  • August 29, 2015
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#LegalExtortion : FINANCIAL SETTLEMENT to get Mutual Divorce and 498a quash

It is seen that many victims try to settle their cases by paying a heavy settlement amount to get quick divorce- Mutual Consent Divorce and to get out from the court cases filed by fraud wife. This shortcut method by financial settlement to get divorce and quashing of 498a and other cases is very dangerous and time wasting. in fact, If victim shows that he is in hurry to get divorce, the 498a woman feels more energetic to screw the husband and his family and try to get maximum extortion from husband on false cases. Few points to understand the impact of financial settlement are:

1. She will take money in first motion of MCD and will not appear for second motion, which means you will loose money whatever you paid.

  1. After getting money she will not appear in high court to quash the 498a case which is mandatory requirement for quash and MCD.
  2. People make some mutual agreement on stamp paper or on plain paper, which is not a valid document in court of law for MCD as well as for 498a quash.
  3. Even after getting MCD through court, wife can file and is having right to file for CrPC 125 maintenance.
  4. After taking money if she ditches you and does not come for second motion of MCD then you have to start a new case for contempt.
  5. Many cases of PWDVA are also there in court after getting divorce.
  6. If you are planning to pay few lakhs then just calculate the interest rate on this amount. so my take is to enjoy from this interest money and fight all the cases in court like a tiger with all the facts and evidences.
  7. If you pay on these false cases, you will be promoting the legal extortion on false cases. This is a dangerous trend for your fellow sufferer as well as for next generation.
  8. If you have the children out of your wedlock then the 498a woman will use the children as a tool to get your parental property.
  9. Try to understand that every mediator/her advocates/ your advocates/ pimps will pressurize you for this MCD because they get cut from the financial settlement amount.





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