Fathers Day 2015 With Vaastav Family

  • June 27, 2015
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21st June, 2015

Father’s day evening with Vaastav Family …
– An experience with the social reality

An evening where I witnessed the reality and came across the sufferings of Indian Father’s (Men) as well as their families today….! Tears went rolling and eyes left wide open on hearing the plight of each family that was a victim of “Legal Terrorism” of biased laws of our Country.

Vaastav Foundation, an NGO working for Human Right and for equal right of Men and his Family, on the occasion of Father’s day had organised a family get together in Mumbai. Here I learned the bitter truth that how selfish and educated Indian women are misusing Indian law to harass their husbands and their families for their own selfishness and extort money from them by keeping them always under the fear of implicating them in many of the women friendly laws and using children as pawn for the same. Most of the cases that I came across and witnessed had the same message to convey that even police and the lawyers knew that the cases were false but even they were helpless as the law was such blind.

Anybody and Everybody can get arrested on a single complaint is filed by women, even without verification/investigation. The democratic structure of our Country says that law should be equal for all and all are equal in front of law, however, this fundamental aspect and right seems to be missing when matrimonial laws are concerned. Only a “wife” is considered as women and the mother, sister and bhabhi as well as other female relatives of Men/Husband/Father are not considered as women. This is one amongst the many bitter truth and reality I came across at the event. Being a woman it’s painful to see that a gender war has been created by such biased laws not only among the gender but within the gender itself.

We are in the 21st century and we all are equal and of course now a day’s more and more women work and are more educated then few decades ago. But sadly they misuse the law for personal gain and vengeance and to satisfy their greed for easy money. The laws still are decade old and don’t bring in the reality of today. The Government seems also to be well aware that the gender biased laws are being misused by increasing number of hands of wrong women’s than being helpful for real victims.

Men across the globe would have started thinking lakhs of time before marrying an Indian girl. Is this what our Indian culture is all about ? Is this how we as a democratic country portray our image to the world. ? It’s sad that because of selfish women so many people are affected, their lives affected, their families get destroyed. Rather than correcting the previous wrongdoings, the gender biased laws are being more promoted and more such laws are being enacted, which is really not acceptable.

It was a very touching as well as awesome experience to meet down to earth humans of Vaastav Foundation, all united for a common cause, with utmost patience, giving support to all its members without expecting anything in return. Each one shared their experience to guide the others who are suffering, to take the right path, to know their rights and move ahead practically and with patience to win the war each family has been legally trapped into, by the person whom they got into their life with the only expectation of making it more beautiful but to their utter shock, that same person made it most sorrowful, nothing less than a hell, for him & his loved one’s.

Vaastav Foundation Team is striving with complete dedication towards bringing change and equality in true sense. Hats off to the spirit of Vaastav team!

Below are some of the highlights from Fathers Day Event.

Me being a woman am proud to have adopted to live an ethical way of life and gave importance to my family be it in laws or my parents because for me both are my families only. Remember we women are the creators of human race. A Woman has infinite strength. We are educated, smart and earning. Most of us know our rights and laws. If we use our strength in a positive way, the world will be transformed into a heaven. If we want our rights we are duty bound to fulfil our responsibilities as well. Demanding Rights without fulfilling our responsibility is nothing more than a cowardly act on part of women. Strong laws are necessary to punish women who abuse law for their benefits. Lack of deterrent for misuse is also one of the reasons for the increasing misuse of laws by women. Laws should punish offenders as well as those who use them for their self benefit.

I urge women not to misuse law for personal gain or vengeance and as a result embarrass our community!

– Falguni M.