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  • April 29, 2015
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Who is man ?

A big question which is a astonish for all readers. Isn’t it ?

You may think but read the below blog carefully to understand.

A man is a person living in the society .

  • Who takes responsibilities of family members .
  • He struggle for his whole life.
  • He works day and night for their family
  • He is most taxpayers person in the world amongst genders.
  • He is a brother to a sister
  • He is son to his mother
  • He is a Good Husband to wife
  • He is a good commando for nation who protect the nation irrespective of natural calamities.

By keeping all aspects in the mind just think what a man deserves in the society ?

Men is always dominated by Females on the name of fakecases , domestic violence, rape charge , sexual assault etc. And litigation charges drags on and on for the number of years without any fault .

Our indian judicial system is so worst that,” men battle for the nos of years against false charges on him and his valuable , cheerful, golden moments are spoiled by fakecases registered by estrange females on the name of women empowerment as there is no proof required to prove them and law which can protect man”.

A simple example here is :

Dowy Harrassment ( 498a )

If man dies due to harassment done by women it is termed as suicide death or natural death but on the other hand if women dies natural death , man faces dowry harassment and criminal intimation of attempt to murder etc .

OHH Great world , What a man’s life where he is treated worst than the animals and put him behind the bar merely on false statement given by female , it can be rape charges, murder , dowry harassment , cheating, attempt to murder etc .

Domestic Violence ( DV )

This law is passed for additional protection against women in marital disputes .

Here there are no proof required again since this takes place between the four walls and major part of this act is Mother in law can not provoke Daughter in law against this law where as Daughter in law only has right against this law. Then what about mother in law ? She is also a women then where is the safety of women gone ????

Rape , Molestation, sexual assault ( 376,377 )

Recently i have come to a conclusion that if live in relation get soured the live in partner can sue him against rape charges again there is no proof required.

  • Rohtak sisters who played the drama just to settle the scores have failed in the test
  • Asharam Bapu where there are no medical evidences of rape , he is still in the jail .

To fight back from the fakecases man looses his entire career ,job ,dignity and respect in the society and in return he gets only “acquitted “ name , but what about female for her false charges levied on men ?

She never get punished because she is a women ? If punishment is then also it is rarely a amount which she can pay and back out from the falsecharges . What is the cost of litigation of man ?????

There are plenty of laws available for female , which can be easily framed a innocent man to implicate in to fakecases , but what about the Male who is innocent and not involved anywhere in the crime ????

Females have their Womens ministry infact animals have animal ministry in this society .

We are on 21st centuary and always talks about the equality in the society for gender . So where is the equality for men ???

He can not go to women’s ministry and complain about the false statement given by women .

He can not go the local police station for help.

In which world we are living ? Where we are talking about the Equality ????

Where is men gender is gone ???

If same scenario takes place it is 100 % sure that Male gender will be in disastrous and in dangerous position from where can not be evacuated .

To overcome this problem we must think ,ask about our self where is the “Male” gender ?

Male gender is in danger.

We should have Men’s ministry too like women’s ministry where he can be easily approached and quarrel about his problems and get sorted out without litigation .

Don’t think what I am gonna get from Men’s ministry , think positive and act wisely .

Today I am victim , tomorrow it can be you , your brother or father and so on . This must be finished immediately to save nation .

Act today and don’t be late before its too late .

Let’s join hands together and make our event successful #Satyagrah4Men on 05thmay’15 and demand for scrapping draconian law which are only women friendly & family breaking.

We need #Purushayog and #Scrap498 , #Genderneutral law

Jai Hind.

~ Sunil ~