Failure to Success……

Hi…its my pleasure to share my failure life to success life.

My parents gave me everything what want in my childhood days they tried their best possible way to keep me happy in life. Every parents believed that his son would get the best life partner who will take care if we left are last breath but who knows life come with surprises every boy has dream to be a successful Son/Husband/Father in his life,same I too had a dream about my life but God never thought to keep me happy soon after getting married I was facing huge problems from wife. Old people say wife stand with you in your good & bad days but for me it was opposite she left for no reason before turning my life & my parents life into hell she didn’t thought for second like a violent storm . I was passing through lots of issues was not able to focus on my work my life its was all end for me ,even I tried to run away from everyone , committed suicide but god don’t want me to come & stay with him. my father is my inspiration who cared for me in those hard days he lost his sleep and try to be make me sleep. Soon I found Vaastav Family where I got to learn a lot about misused of law by wife they had given me & my family moral support.Now it has been more then 3 years I’m part of Vaastav Foundation its my family usually people work Monday to Saturday an on Sunday goes out with friends but after being a part of Vaastav Foundation I only wait for Sunday to meet my family.

Thanks to all for your kind support will always be with Vaastav Foundation because Vaastav means reality – The Social Reality.

Disclaimer : The contents of the blog are personal opinion and view of the writer. Vaastav Foundation does not hold any responsibility for the contents of the same. Vaastav Foundation promotes Family Harmony and Peace and believes in Equal Human Rights and is against gender discrimination and law misuse